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  • Challenges

    We are a fast-growing company, and with growth comes challenges, the desire to surpass ourselves, support and respond to all possible threats to our customers. We are passionate and love to take on a challenge!

  • Evolution

    We are in a sector that is constantly evolving. We therefore offer world class training to our employees so that they can always be up to date. We hate to be bored and as such our employees can evolve in different ways according to their aspirations: change of profession, management, location, moving into the group...

  • Stability

    We belong to a large international group that brings us stability and experience to offer you the best working conditions, while remaining autonomous and flexible within our small entity.

What they think

  • As a woman working in Cyber Security you can sometimes be looked over due to this being a dominant male industry, the same does not apply here. Orange Cyberdefense looks at talent and helps nurture and grow you as an individual. You get an opportunity to work with some amazing talented people.


    Head of Vulnerability Operation Centre UK and South Africa

  • Orange Cyberdefense is truly inspiring. What strikes me most, is that you get the opportunity to work with some of the best in all domains of cyber security. As a salesperson, this means you’re able to bring real value to your customers, enabling you to build a long-term relationship!


    Corporate account manager - Belgium

  • At Orange Cyberdefense we work in a very large company, there is a lot of knowledge available and we use great tools. Yet it feels like we work at a smaller company because in the Netherlands you know almost everyone and there is a cozy atmosphere.


    Security Analyst - The Netherlands

  • Together with my colleagues, we make a difference. We really challenge each other in this workplace and have a wonderful culture that encourages our own initiatives. If you get an idea, there are so many helpful colleagues who line up to analyze it, ask the right questions and offer help to polish it and get it perfect.


    OT/ICS Cybersecurity Team Lead - Sweden

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